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While professional installation of a satellite TV system is quick and easy, your home must still meet a certain number of criteria in order to be eligible to install satellite TV.

Clear View of the Southern Sky

Your satellite dish will need a clear line of sight to the southern sky. All satellite TV satellites are in the South, therefore, you'll need an unobstructed view to receive a satellite TV signal (meaning no buildings, trees etc. must be in the way). If you're concerned that you won't be able to obtain a signal from your specific location, call us ask about the return policy before purchasing your satellite system.

Dwelling Compatibility

The installation of your satellite system may involve structural modifications like drilling holes to run cable and attaching the dish to your building or house. These modifications are minor.

Having a "pre-cabled" house may be of help to your satellite TV technician to connect you. If the technician indicates that the cable wires not usable then the technician will install new cable. Also if the technician indicates that the cable is damaged he or she will not use it. In some cases it is easier to have new cable installed in your home, therefore you know that all the cable is new and not older.

A satellite dish can be installed on the roof or an outside wall (side of the house, front of house, etc.). A satellite TV provider will not install the dish on a chimney. When the technician comes out it is best that you discuss that with the technician. He or she will be able to tell you where they can get the best and strongest signal strength. Generally speaking, if you can get a signal strength above 70, the higher the better chance that you will not lose your signal.

If you are renting your home right now, under the terms of your lease or rental agreement you may need to get permission from your landlord. To avoid delays and make the installation process as smooth as possible, you should ask your landlords permission prior to any installation.

If you meet the above criteria, then you are ready to subscribe to Satellite TV. Next day installation is available for DISH and DIRECTV®. Please call to speak to our friendly staff for more details.

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